Oversea Training is an online training platform belonging to Maman Training International, an innovative company that aims at facilitating communication within corporations through effective training on specific content. Using cutting-edge technology and methodology in the field of training, as well as tailor-made programs, Oversea Training works on specific vocabulary applied to everyday situations within your company. Something no other course does today..

More than 20 years of experience in the sector

Our expertise in training is known worldwide in the Oil & Gas industry, mainly onboard oil platforms and cargo ships of Brazil, Angola, Ivory Coast and Senegal. This allowed Maman Training International to develop a unique and special methodology for the offshore public, and transform it into an effective online learning experience through Oversea Training.

Our online training programs seek to improve communication and operational efficiency, contributing to:

Reduce operational costs
Reduce training costs by increasing the level of retention
Promote satisfaction and employee loyalty
Reduce downtime (operational efficiency)

Our methodology

Our methodology is based on three types of learning approach:

Our methodology

Appropriate content according to the situation, the place and the people involved in the operational or strategic areas of your organization.

Structural Approach

It provides the student with the necessary foundation to be more effective and maximize the results of the company.

Functional/Situational Approach

Oriented to update and standardize processes that are presented in the daily work of your workforce.

How does it work?

A Different Approach

The contracting company has the support of an Oversea Training Project Manager from the beginning of the implementation of the project. Our step-by-step program has been developed so that your company feels supported in the transition from a traditional learning process to another 100% online.

Our learning process is considered a project with objectives that must be achieved in a specific period of time. All this process has access management and monitoring.

The results will provide content for analysis and implementation of actions that guarantee motivation, commitment and completion of the training program by your workforce.